Loans for Accident Victims

Truck Accident Injury Settlement Loan

Have you been injured in a truck of semi-trailer accident? Waiting on a Compensation Payout but need money  urgently? You may qualify for a Lawfunder Truck Accident Settlement  Loan. Apply Online Today! Get money in 24 hours! No Monthly Repayments. No Credit Rating – No Problem!

Do I qualify for a Truck Accident Settlement Loan?

Qualifying for a truck accident Lawfunder loan is easy. You need to meet the following criteria:

NumberLending Criteria
1You must be 18 years of age or older.
2You have a lawyer working on your case on a No WIn No Fee basis – Firstly, having already hired a lawyer shows that your case is serious. We work directly with your lawyer, so they need to already be invested in the case. Second, by operating on a No Win No Fee basis, your lawyer is giving a professional seal of approval that your case is strong.
3You’ve suffered a significant injury – If you have only suffered minor injuries, your compensation award will not be high. and may mean you will not have enough money to repay the loan. We will only lend money where we can conservatively estimate a sufficient compensation value to your injuries and loss.
4The amount of damages will be sufficient to repay the loan, fees and interest, after payment of any government agency refunds, and your legal fees and expenses.
5 The other party must be liable ie at fault – We can only lend to plaintiffs with a strong case ie where someone else is primarily to blame. If there is confusion over who is at fault, we may not be able to approve you.
6 You have a legally worthy claim against an insured or self-insured person or entity

If you meet these qualifications, you are the perfect candidate to apply for a Lawfunder loan

At Lawfunder, we believe in putting power back in the hands of the victim. If you have been in a semi-trailer or truck accident, you still have bills to pay, and you are likely out of work. Don’t let that financial pressure force you into accepting less money from the Insurance company than you deserve.

Demand the compensation you deserve. If you’re ready to get back on your feet with a Lawfunder loan, contact us today. We want to make justice accessible for all.

No Lawyer – No Problem. You can find a good No Win No Fee Lawyer here.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Lawfunder loans between 5% to 15% of your expected compensation payout.              [do_widget id=”cta-17″] For example:

Estimated Settlement Amount: $ 500,000
Loan Amount: $ 75,000

We liaise with your lawyer to work out what your case is worth. In as little as a few hours of speaking with your lawyer, we can have your online loan application approved.

We focus on liability and damages ie

Liability – who caused the accident? Was it the semi-trailer driver?

Damages – once your lawyer confirms with us who was legally at fault, we then look at the amount of compensation (i.e. damages) you may get. We can then work out the percentage of that expected compensation we will lend you.


Benefits of a Lawfunder Truck Accident Settlement Loan

The dangers and injuries associated with semi-trailer and truck accidents cannot be understated. Drivers may be trying to meet deadlines and often have long shifts. These factors can mean even the best of drivers can make mistakes resulting in accidents causing severe injury or death.

Insurance companies make money by receiving more premiums than they pay out in compensation claims. Your goal is to get the maximum amount of compensation to which you are legally entitled. he problem is that your finances may run out before your compensation claim is resolved. Insurance Companies are aware of this and may offer you less than you are entitled to. They may try and get you to settle early, and for much less than what is fair and reasonable.

You can level the playing field by leveraging the money you are entitled to against them. That’s where a Lawfunder settlement loan comes in.

It is simply a loan against your expected settlement proceeds, which you can use to fund your everyday needs. Whether it’s medical bills or rent or to pay your mortgage, you need to be able to pay your bills to see your compensation case to its end.

A Lawfunder settlement loan is not like a traditional personal loan. Both can get you out of financial trouble. However, a Lawfunder settlement loan is secured against the value of your settlement, not based on your credit rating or physical assets. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit rating or no credit rating.
At Lawfunder, we can get you cash in as little as 24 hours of applying. We fund all stages of semi-trailer and truck accident lawsuits, even within a few days of the accident.

If you have questions, you can learn more here.

Lawfunder has your back when you need help the most.