Loans for Accident Victims

Taxi Accident Injury Settlement Loan

Lawfunder can provide you with a short term taxi accident settlement loan if you:

  • are injured as a result of an accident involving a taxi and
  • have a compensation claim
  • need money urgently.

Have you been injured in a taxi or limousine? Are you under severe financial pressure as a result? Has your income stream been disrupted?

We understand that this financial pressure can place enormous stress on you.

The insurance company is also aware of that. They may take advantage of your situation by offering less than you are entitled to in the hope you will settle early out of financial necessity.

Thankfully, a Lawfunder taxi accident settlement loan allows you to relieve financial pressure and not settle your claim for less money than you deserve.

Benefits of a Taxi Accident Settlement Loan

A Lawfunder taxi accident settlement loan is not your typical loan for the following three reasons:

1. Your credit score doesn’t matter
2. There are no weekly or monthly payments
3. There are no credit checks

We lend against your anticipated personal injury compensation claim proceeds.

What this means is that Lawfunder can offer you a loan, while not needing you to make any repayments. You only make one repayment, and that is when your compensation claim is over.

If you need help paying your bills, a Lawfunder taxi accident settlement loan can help you get an advance on your settlement now, while allowing you to pay it back once the case is over.

At Lawfunder, we can get you the cash you need within 24 hours.
We understand time is often an issue. Don’t let your bills pile up unnecessarily.

Can I make a taxi accident claim?

You should be able to claim compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault and you have been injured as a result.

Taxi drivers have compulsory third-party insurance and comprehensive public liability insurance.

Also, taxi companies are required to have public liability insurance.                                        [do_widget id=”cta-17″]

Accidents involving taxis usually involve hitting another vehicle, where either driver might be at fault. Taxi drivers have also been known to hit pedestrians or objects.

You may also be able to claim if you have been assaulted in any way shape or form by a taxi driver.

Lawfunder is willing to provide a loan to help you make ends meet until your compensation claim is finished. While we do not act on your behalf in making a Taxi compensation claim, if you would like to call us on 1300 244 529 to find out where you stand with getting a loan, then we are happy to explain things to you.

I’m unsure who was at fault in my Taxi accident?

Don’t worry. Your No Win No Fee lawyer can sort that out. However, it will be helpful if you have proof of booking your taxi.

What if I haven’t made a compensation claim yet?

No Lawyer – No Problem. You can find a good No Win No Fee Lawyer here.

You need to find a good No Win No Fee lawyer to take on your case.

How can Lawfunder help?

We take the financial pressure off you by offering you a loan against your compensation award. You don’t make any repayments until your case is finalised.  When your lawyer receives the compensation into their trust account, they repay us the loan and any interest and charges.


If you have questions, you can learn more here.

Lawfunder has your back when you need help the most.