Loans for Accident Victims

Pedestrian Accident Injury Settlement Loan

Personal Injury Loans for Pedestrians  Injured in an Accident

Lawfunder can provide you with a short term Pedestrian Accident Settlement Loan if:

  • you are a pedestrian
  • injured in an accident
  • with a compensation claim
  • who needs money urgently.

Have you been injured as a pedestrian? Are you under severe financial pressure as a result? Has your income stream been disrupted?

We understand that this financial pressure can place enormous stress on you.

The insurance company is also aware of that. They may take advantage of your situation by offering less than you are entitled to in the hope you will settle early out of financial necessity.

Thankfully, a Lawfunder loan allows you to relieve financial pressure and not settle your claim for less money than you deserve.

Benefits of a Pedestrian Accident Settlement Loan  [do_widget id=”cta-17″]

A Lawfunder Pedestrian Accident Settlement Loan is not your typical loan for the following three reasons:

1. Your credit score doesn’t matter
2. There are no weekly or monthly payments
3. There are no credit checks

Lending against a personal injury compensation claim is usually a reasonably safe bet. This is especially true for motor vehicle-related accidents, since the liability, in most cases, is fairly clear.

What this means is that Lawfunder can offer you a loan, while not needing you to make any repayments. You only make one repayment, and that is when your compensation claim is finalised.

If you need help paying your bills, a Lawfunder loan can help you get an advance on your settlement now, while allowing you to pay it back once the case is over.

At Lawfunder Legal Funding, we can get you the cash you need within 24 hours.
We understand time is often an issue. Don’t let your bills pile up unnecessarily.

Qualifications for Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Loans

NumberLending Criteria
1You must be 18 years of age or older.
2You have a lawyer working on your case on a No WIn No Fee basis – Firstly, having already hired a lawyer shows that your case is serious. We work directly with your lawyer, so they need to already be invested in the case. Second, by operating on a No Win No Fee basis, your lawyer is giving a professional seal of approval that your case is strong.
3You’ve suffered a significant injury – If you have only suffered minor injuries, your compensation award will not be high. and may mean you will not have enough money to repay the loan. We will only lend money where we can conservatively estimate a sufficient compensation value to your injuries and loss.
4The amount of damages will be sufficient to repay the loan, fees and interest, after payment of any government agency refunds, and your legal fees and expenses.
5 The other party must be liable ie at fault – We can only lend to plaintiffs with a strong case ie where someone else is primarily to blame. If there is confusion over who is at fault, we may not be able to approve you.
6 You have a legally worthy claim against an insured or self-insured person or entity

If you meet these requirements, then congratulations. You are the perfect candidate for a pedestrian accident Lawfunder loan. Your next step is to apply online to Lawfunder.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount Lawfunder lends depends on the strength and value of your claim. The more serious your injuries are, the higher your compensation claim.

The maximum amount that we are generally able to lend, is 15% of the settlement amount.

We recommend that you only apply for what you need. Remember that you will pay less interest on $10,000 than a loan of $25,000.

Lawfunder Legal Funding

At Lawfunder, we don’t believe that injured people should have to accept unfair settlement offers just because they are in urgent need of money.

Our loans help facilitate justice and fairness. Lack of money should not be a reason for allowing parties responsible for paying compensation to pay less than what is reasonable and fair.l

Contact us now for a loan if you are a pedestrian injured in an accident and need money urgently.

We can help you get back on your feet and take the pressure off financially after a pedestrian accident.


Do I have a Compensation Claim if I have been in a Pedestrian Accident?

Your lawyer can give you an estimate of what your compensation claim is worth, once they have the necessary information.

No Lawyer – No problem. You can find a No-Win No Fee Lawyer here.

Who or what caused the accident?

It goes without saying that the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident is usually at fault. However, in some cases, the local Council or State Government may also be at least partially to blame.

For example, the accident might have occurred in an area where traffic lights should have been installed. Alternatively, it may have been at night, and one or more street lights may have been broken or not functioning.

Perhaps the accident occurred when you were walking on a pedestrian crossing which was on a dangerous section of the road, without any signs warning drivers that the crossing was nearby.

In these types of circumstances, the local Council or State may be partly to blame.

Lawfunder has your back when you need help the most.