Loans for Accident Victims

Motor Vehicle Accident Guide for Injured People

This Motor Vehicle Accident Guide is a summary of the steps you should take if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries.


Exchange Driver Information

The first thing to do is to exchange information with the other party. Both drivers should provide identity, contact and insurance information, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

Always seek treatment, as needed, immediately after a motor vehicle accident. Often, motor vehicle accident symptoms may not present directly. It is advisable to get checked out to avoid further pain or injury in the future. It is also essential that a medical record is made noting your injuries or symptoms.

Get an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer               

For any accident involving injury, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.
They will help you get medical treatment and pursue your injury claim.                                                                     [do_widget id=”cta-17″]

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Keep Up Treatment

Even after initial treatment, you should continue regular treatment for any injuries resulting from the accident. In addition to helping you get better, treating upfront for your injuries helps both sides understand and agree on the value of your injury claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer Sends A Notice of Claim

There strict time limits within which to claim compensation. Once your lawyer has done so, they will work to obtain all necessary information and documents to prove:

  • who was at fault;
  • the extent of your injuries;
  • the amount of your pain and suffering
  • past and future loss of income
  • the amount of any paid or unpaid assistance you have received as a result of your injuries.

Your lawyer can then calculate what your compensation claim is worth and work to settle your claim.

Settlement Negotiations

Your lawyer will help you negotiate with the insurance company of the party at fault to determine a fair settlement amount. If they cannot come to an agreement, or if the defendant denies liability, your lawyer will likely have to file a personal injury lawsuit in court.

Lawyer Files A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If the compulsory settlement conference fails, then your lawyer files a compensation claim in the court. Once this happens, you go through:
1. Disclosure – basically information sharing between both sides
2. Mediation and negotiation – another chance to settle your lawsuit before trial
3. Trial – a judge helps both parties determine the outcome of your claim

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